Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Karma is a .....

1 mile - 11:42
2 miles - 24:17

Hellooooo Blog!

So of course my weekend in NJ did not include the amount of running that I was supposed to complete.

Supposed to run: 2 miles on Saturday, 3 miles on Sunday.
Actual run: 1.4 miles on Saturday.

But whatever, you know what? After a week of running well and eating extremely healthy by sticking to my diet, I had a good weekend. I indulged in a little bit of Mexican food and seafood chowder while spending some quality time with a really cool guy and my family. Another positive: My 1.4 miles on Saturday were outside in really cold weather with ocean wind and I did it better than the last time I could hardly make it a mile.

This is the second week that I have been documenting my weekly menu and sticking to it. (THANK YOU AMANDA) I had a brain fart last week and tried my best to get under the standard 1500 calorie diet on a daily basis - which of course is SO wrong because the standard diet is 2000 calories. No wonder I was so hungry!!!! It made it easier for this week though. I've been eating a standard 1600 calorie or less diet Monday through Friday, and a week and a half into it - I feel wonderful!

It's been a tough week at work and it's only Tuesday. Thankfully I got out on time yesterday and got in a 2 mile run (which was my fastest time yet). Anyway, this morning, I put on my pencil skirt, my patterned tights and my 5 1/2 inch wedge heels and pranced my still-large butt out of my house to work with more confidence than I've felt in a long time. At work, we laughed, we cried, we created special moments.

Ok, not really all of that, but it was a good day which led to me clowning around a little longer at lunch than I should have. This is where karma comes in. I felt sooooooooo good about myself that by the end of the day my knees were killing me from those lovely heels I ran around in and I had a ton of stuff to do. I got out of work at 6:45 and didn't have enough in me to make it to the gym to do my 3 miles. Maybe that's a good thing though since the training schedule doesn't allow for 2 days of running in a row.

The diet and exercise is a good control in a life that is a little crazy right now. Who knew??? I'm getting excited guys and gals. It's the month of my next 5k - just 25 days away. My goal for that is under 36 minutes which is an average 12 minute mile. I'm not quite there yet, but I'm going to be pushing myself.

Happy hour tomorrow night so I'm going to try and get a run in at lunch, if I'm allowed to take a little extended time away. Updates to come....

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