Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Holla at Me!!!!!

2 miles - 24:33
3 miles - 37:52
4 miles - 51:21

That's right. I said 4 miles. 4 MILES!!!! Boo-ya!!

I felt so good after I completed this run, but I can't help but wonder - who actually does this just for fun? I know people do, but I can't imagine running for that long without having an ultimate goal in using it as a stepping stone to be able to finish a 10 mile race. Maybe that will change once I've gotten up to 6 or 7 miles. Maybe 4 miles won't seem that much. I look back to when I started and remember how moving from 1 mile to 1.25 miles was huge and felt like such a task. Now it wouldn't make sense to get off the treadmill unless I got in at least 2 miles, if not 3. But 4 miles???

To be honest, I had to sit down once I was done. I was really proud of myself, and felt great, but wooooooo, was my body reeling. If my body could talk, it would have said, "Giirrrllll...." and then it would have slapped me.

I didn't write a blog post after my run on Sunday because I was really down on myself. The training schedule for last week was 3 miles on Tuesday, 2 miles on Thursday, and 4 miles on the weekend with strength and cross training in between. Well I did the Tuesday and Thursday runs, didn't do any of the strength or cross training and only got another 3 miles in on Sunday. That was a lot of statistics, but basically, I sucked last week. I had hit a plateau at 3 miles and felt like I would never be able to forge past it.

Ok, so that was a little dramatic, but I was a drama queen last week. Don't judge.

Well, I'm redoing last week. When I started the training schedule, I began a week earlier than necessary, which gave me some leeway if I couldn't get my workouts in. Maybe that subconsciously made me not push as hard. Well that leeway is gone.

I'm also switching up the days within the week. I am always able to get in my Tuesday run, so for the next few weeks, my long run will be on Tuesdays, my shortest run will stay on Thursdays (which I will be doing during my lunch hour) and my mid-run will be on the weekend. Trust me, it works out to the same amount of days separating everything. I will be able to get in Wednesday's cross-training during lunch too.

I've had a few weeks of trial and error, trying to find what will work for me, but this may be it. Tomorrow is my 2 mile run at lunch, with a 3 miler on Sunday. Next step up will be 5 miles next Tuesday.


One shout out to my family: I'm so proud of my sister and brother-in-law for getting on a healthy kick too. Kim actually called me while she was walking on the treadmill today! Kudos to her because I can hardly breathe while I'm on the darn thing much less talk. Not only did they start eating better and working out, they're sticking to it. Hearing from her today about that was such a motivation to me!!

Note to self: Eating healthy during the day doesn't mean much if you allow your boyfriend to convince you a Chinese Buffet is an excellent dinner choice. It was sooooooooo good though.

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