Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Unbelievable Feeling

2 miles - 23:36 (Fastest yet)
3 miles - 36:22 (Fastest yet)
4 miles - 49:38 (Fastest yet)
5 miles - 63:38 (Fastest yet - obviously)

Things I did today that I've never done before:
  • Completed 5 miles. And would have been able to keep going.
  • Ran my fastest 2 mile time...and my fastest 3 mile time...and my fastest 4 mile time.
  • Decreased my 3 mile time by a minute and a half, and closer to my 36 minute goal for next weekend's 5k.
  • Ran the first 2 miles - RAN IT. NO WALKING FOR THE ENTIRE 2 MILES!!!
What did you do today?

I need to throw another shout out here. This one is to the power of prayer.

For someone who has lived a privileged life (great family, solid education, food always on the table), I've been through some rough stuff. I've experienced death a lot, heartbreak one couldn't begin to understand, financial crisis, and physical pain. But when I look back, in between the bouts of loneliness and fear and anxiety, there was always a belief that things would be okay. Hope.

I know there is always Someone looking out for me, protecting me, loving me. I take that for granted though until things get tough. I have been going about my training feeling so disheartened leading up to my workouts. When I had a good one, the euphoria would last 10 minutes after I got off the treadmill and then I would fall back into hating this whole thing.

Today was my day I finally fell back on prayer because I knew I couldn't do it alone anymore. I prayed for strength. I prayed for patience. I prayed for endurance. My 5 mile run today was a testament to the power of prayer. I feel amazing, my euphoria has not gone away, and I thank God that He will be with me every single step I take on this running journey because I obviously am incapable of doing it on my own.

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