Monday, February 7, 2011

Under 12 Minutes!!!!

1 mile - 11:54
1.5 miles - 18:17
2 miles - 24:??

The machine I was on today didn't give me a workout overview, so I'm not exactly sure what my 2 mile time was, but that was not my focus. Today, I finished a mile in under 12 minutes. Do you know what that means???? I was able to jog/run the entire mile - without walking.

Awesome: Finishing a mile in under 12 minutes for the first time.
Not Awesome: Eating a large salad (think lettuce, corn, black beans, onion, feta cheese) an hour before working out.

I finished that first mile like a champ. Wearing my newly acquired "Respect the Logo" Phillies tee (thanks babe), I was invincible, unstoppable! I was going to get in at least 4 miles. I seriously felt like Rocky, wanting to throw my fists in the air and cheering myself on.

And then the salad hit. I hadn't felt very well before I got there, but as soon as I started running, I felt better. At about 1.35 miles, I felt that sick feeling coming back in and by 1.5, I had to take my speed down a little more to keep from becoming a permanent conversation piece at Planet Fitness for years to come (i.e. puking all over my treadmill).

Unfortunately, I was only able to do the 2 miles because of my dinner choice. However, today was a day of accomplishments:

1) I ate a well balanced diet today and did not feel stuffed or bloated by the time I left work.
2) I drank 48 ounces of water today. That is a HUGE feat for me.
3) I finished a mile in under 12 minutes (and my knee didn't hurt for one second!).
4) I finished my evening with 300 sit-ups.

(I'm not sure who I've become, but somehow all of that overshadowed a long day of work, a long Board of Trustees meeting, a headache, a traffic ticket via camera (thought I'd make the yellow), etc.)

Here's to trying to get a longer run in tomorrow....

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