Sunday, February 20, 2011

Random Thoughts...

1 mile - 12:03
1.5 mile - 18:14
2 mile - 24:35

Random thoughts....

#1 - My mile wasn't my best time, but my two mile was. Gaining endurance. Sweet!

#2 - No blister! My new shoes rock.

#3 - I felt so accomplished for what I have done today - church, grocery shopping, laundry, gym...and then I caught a glimpse of my Christmas Tree in the window's reflection and realized that as much as I get done, I will never fully be accomplished until my Christmas decorations are taken down. I know it's almost March. Don't judge.

#4 - Bought a whole lot of fiber and grain based food at the grocery store today. Also bought some extra toilet paper.

#5 - I'm over cold weather. I'm pale, I'm cold and I'm over it.

#6 - Addressing my "Feeling Low" blog from a few days ago: Am I feeling better? Yes. Was it PMS? No. Running and eating better really is a lifestyle change, but when your current lifestyle is completely hectic and all over the place, how do you change what you don't understand? I'm feeling a lot better after having some meaningful conversations and getting a haircut to spruce up my outside. Thank you all for your prayers!

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